Issues & Resources

1) Secure pro-labor, anti-poverty policies that insure economic sustainability by fighting for employment, living wages, the alleviation of disparate unemployment, a green economy, labor rights, affordable housing, targeted empowerment zones, strong safety net services for the poor, fair policies for immigrants, infrastructure development and fair tax reform.

CLICK HERE to read the NC Justice Center Brief of Raising the Minimum Wage

This brief from March 2013 reviews the economic impact that raising the minimum wage to $9.00 would have on North Carolina. We are fighting for a $15 minimum wage which would have even greater impact. It provides important information on why the current minimum wage of $7.25 is not enough to meet the basic needs of North Carolinians. 

2) Educational equality by ensuring every child receives a high quality, well-funded, constitutional, diverse public education as well as access to community colleges and universities and by securing equitable funding for minority colleges and universities.

3) Healthcare for all by ensuring access to the Affordable Care Act, Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security and by providing environmental protection.

CLICK HERE to read the Cone Health Foundation Study on NC Medicaid Expansion

Authored by researchers at George Washington University, this study includes data for all 100 North Carolina counties and provides information on how many people would be eligible for coverage, how many jobs would be created, and how much economic growth and revenue would be brought to each county if NC expanded Medicaid.

CLICK HERE to find out who Would Benefit From Medicaid Expansion

FamiliesUSA has compiled information on the top 9 occupations of the employed but uninsured in North Carolina who would benefit from expanding Medicaid. 

4) Fairness in the criminal justice system by addressing the continuing inequalities in the system and providing equal protection under the law for black, brown and poor white people.

CLICK HERE to learn about our Free Dontae Sharpe Campaign

5) Protect and expand voting rights, women’s rights, LGBT rights, immigrant rights and the fundamental principle of equal protection under the law.

CLICK HERE to read the Democracy NC Study on the Impact of the 2013 Election Law Changes

This study by Democracy NC gives county-by-county data on the dramatic impact of the 2013 Election Law changes on NC voters. It is a great resources for showing how voter suppression and HB 589 impacted communities across our state. Most of these provisions were struck down by the NC NAACP v McCrory court case in 2016.  

CLICK HERE to find more Voting Rights Resources

Here is a list of resources developed by Democracy North Carolina. 

CLICK HERE to sign the petition to stop the deportation of Lilian Cardona Perez

Additional Resources

Forward Together Lectionary (pdf)

Wrestling with the Crises in our State Through Scriptural and Theological Lenses.  The policies that have been advanced by the NC General Assembly are both extreme and immoral, but they are not new. They reflect human practices of oppression and humiliation that are as old as human society itself. In their attempt to limit access to power to the hands of a select few, to undermine public services and public response to the needs of the most vulnerable, and to generally establish a system of inequality, the current GA agenda resembles that which God decries throughout the Scriptures. It is in this regard that this lectionary has been composed. It is an attempt to provide the context for a response to the issues of the day in the Scriptures that are key to many believing communities.

2013 Legislative Report Card

This 8 page Legislative Report Card from Democracy NC provides information about the 20 worst bills passed by the extremist majorities in the NC House of Representatives and Senate and the way that each member of the NC General Assembly voted. The final page includes ways to take action and information about the new voting laws passed this year. If you would like copies of the report card to distribute in your community, email with a request. 

Nope to Pope Fact Sheet 

This fact sheet from Democracy North Carolina shows the cycle of injustice connected to former Budget Director Art Pope, the stores he owns (Roses, Maxways, and others), and the extremist candidate campaigns he funds. 


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