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Donate Today to the Forward Together Fundraising Campaign

$187,205.68 raised
GOAL: $160,000.00

The North Carolina NAACP is a 501c4 organization and donations are not tax deductible.

Dear Supporter:

As the forces of hatred and fear are coming together with their immeasurable amounts of resources to silence the moral voices of love, hope, truth and justice, we are called to strengthen our movement in every dimension.  

Through grace, mercy, and our collective work together; through record-setting mass mobilizations and engaging in countless well-disciplined nonviolent protests, civil disobedience, and other forms of non-violent direct action where necessary; with landmark court victories including the overturn of one of the most restrictive voter suppression bills passed since Jim Crow - H.B. 589; and with the support of millions of individuals across our state and nation, the North Carolina NAACP has for the past ten years served as a consistent force and has earned your valued support.

The road ahead will not be easy, but we are far from tired. We will continue our fight against voter suppression which continues now even after Election Day. We will continue our fight for healthcare for all, no matter what new obstacles lay in our path. We will continue to demand equal protection under the law and an end to systemic discrimination against all marginalized peoples. You will find our movement, as it has always been, in the streets, in the courts, and at the ballot box. 

To build on the what we have accomplished and to strengthen our efforts, we find it necessary to ask our friends and supporters to contribute to our Forward Together Fundraising Campaign which has a mighty goal of raising $100,000.00 by January 1st. If one thousand supporters donate one hundred dollars ($100), we can make this possible. For those who cannot financially afford to give $100, please give what you can to ensure hate will not have the last word.

Please make your donation today! Because regardless of whether the dark nights of injustice and these emboldened clouds of hate continue to escalate, with your continued support, we will grow as a joyful beacon of light.  

Your support promises even greater victory, even greater power, even greater strength, even greater unity, even greater diversity, and even greater steps toward love and justice as we go - "FORWARD TOGETHER, NOT ONE STEP BACK!"

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