Boycott NC

On February 24, the State and National NAACP announced that the NAACP National Board of Directors had unanimously passed a resolution to (1) remove North Carolina from consideration for the location of the 2017 National NAACP Convention and call on other civil and human rights organizations to do the same and (2) establish a joint task force to begin the planning and preparation for the full escalation of an economic boycott of North Carolina.  The task force will report back during the National NAACP Board of Directors meeting in May, 2017.


In the spirit of economic boycotts like those in Montgomery, South Africa, and Ireland, the National NAACP and North Carolina NAACP are considering an economic boycott of North Carolina until the NC legislature passes bills that accomplish the following or until such results are achieved through the courts:

1. Undo racially gerrymandered districts and create districts that are fair, constitutional and meet the standards of the Voting Rights Act. The NC legislative districts drawn in 2010 were found to be racially gerrymandered and unconstitutional by the 4th Circuit court and the court ordered that the districts be redrawn. These unconstitutional apartheid districts allowed regressive extremists to win super majorities in both the House and Senate in 2012 despite receiving less votes overall. All members of the NC General Assembly will continue to be illegitimate and unconstitutionally holding power until new districts are drawn that uphold the constitution and meet the standards of the Voting Rights Act and another state election is held.  

2. Repeal the entire HB 2 law. House Bill 2 brazenly discriminates against a highly vulnerable group in the LGBTQ community, transgender people. It strips the right of anyone within a protected group, including veterans, people of color, and people with disabilities, from suing in state courts against discrimination. It also strips local governments’ of the ability to pass ordinances to raise the minimum wage, provide minority contract set asides, or pass other policies to help working people.

3. Repeal the entire SB 4 law and SB 2 law. Senate Bill 4 and Senate Bill 2 were passed during a special session in December 2016 called under the pretense of providing relief for wildfire and hurricane victims. These laws represent an outright coup d’etat by the legislative branch of government to take judicial and gubernatorial power. SB 4 has limited the people’s access to the Supreme Court and restructured the State and County Board of Elections. SB 2 continues to take gubernatorial powers by reducing the Governor’s appointment powers.

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