The Forward Together Moral Movement, Led by the NC NAACP, Brings Upwards of 80,000 People to Raleigh for a Moral March to Advance a Progressive Agenda


February 12, 2014

Estimates of upwards of 80,000 people participated in the 8th annual gathering of the People's Coalition to fight for a progressive agenda for all people of North Carolina. We called it the "Moral March on Raleigh" this year in honor of the 945 people who were arrested at Moral Mondays last summer, and the tens of thousands of people who were awakened by this moral movement.

Historians tell us it was the largest and most focused multi-racial gathering ever held in the South. Those that were there will never forget singing "We Shall Overcome" and the sun coming out for the first time as we finished singing "we are not afraid." 

"We are black, white, Latino, Native American," said Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, president of the NC NAACP and convener of HKonJ. "We are Democrats, Republicans and independents. We are people of all faiths and people of little or no faith, but we all believe in a moral universe. We are natives and immigrants, business leaders, workers and unemployed. We are doctors and the uninsured, gay and straight, students and parents and retirees. We stand here--a quilt of many colors, faiths, and creeds." 

The Moral March kicked off a year of nonviolent direct action, litigation and voter mobilization as the NC NAACP continues its fight for the unfettered right to vote for every North Carolinian. Dr. Barber announced the first North Carolina Moral Freedom Summer in 2014, modeled after the historic Mississippi Freedom Summer 50 years ago. Like the Mississippi legislature in early 1963, the General Assembly has passed laws to block minorities from the ballot box. The NC NAACP, its Youth & College Division and our friends in a coalition of groups from the Forward Together Moral Movement will place young organizers in counties across the state to engage in voter mobilization and education.

"You don't have enough political power to vote us away," Dr. Barber warned the extremist lawmakers. "You don't have enough insults to talk us away. Or enough money to buy us away."

National and state media came to Raleigh to document the day. Their reports are sent a collective voice of the Forward Together Movement echoing across the south and the nation. Here's a sample of their news coverage and some videos from the Moral March.

Select Press Coverage:

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