Stop Lilian's Deportation

Lilian Cardona-Perez came to the United States from Guatemala in 1997, when she was 15 years old.  She is the mother of five children with another due to be born in May 2017.  Despite of, or perhaps because of her third trimester pregnancy, immigration authorities have scheduled her to be deported on March 30, 2017. They have told Ms. Cardona-Perez she could not give birth to her baby in the United States.

The deportation of Lilian will snatch her from her children, her husband, and her parents—all of whom live and work in Harnett County.  

Lilian received an Order of Removal in March 2011. As a person with no criminal record, who had lived and worked in the United States for most of her life, the previous Administration’s Policy was to consider her a low priority for deportation.  Therefore she was granted an Order of Supervision, which permitted her to stay in the U.S. and receive a work permit each year.

The Trump Administration, however, with its anti-Latino rhetoric and policies, has promoted an aggressive new campaign by United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement to target the most vulnerable Latino immigrants. The Trump policy leaves no room and no time for cooler heads to review cases that are abruptly scheduled for deportation.

Trump has repeatedly promised he will not separate families. But the aggressive ICE campaign, in this case, turns these promises to dust, while terrorizing hard-working Latino families with the threat of separation. In February 2017, ICE notified Ms. Lilian with an Order of Removal. The heartless way his policies have been applied in Ms. Cardona-Perez case, and hundreds of others, will take a mother and newborn child thousands of miles away from her support network and her children, four of whom are under 13 years old.

On 16 March 2017, Lilian has a hearing at 9:30 a.m. at the Charlotte Immigration Court, 6120 Tyvola Center Drive. She and her Attorney will apply for a Stay of Removal in hopes of keeping Lilian and her family together in the United States, the country they call home. 

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