Sample Letter

Send or fax the below sample letter to your Representative and both Senators urging them to support the Voting Rights Advancement Act.

The Honorable ___________________________

United States Senate / House of Representatives

Washington, D.C.  20510 / 20515

RE:  The urgent need to repair, restore, and strngrhen the 1965 Voting Rights Act.  Support S. 1659 / H.R. 2867

Dear Senator / Representative _______________________________;

As your constituent, I urge you in the strongest terms possible to work toward the repair, restoration, and strengthening of the 1965 Voting Rights Act (VRA).  Congress must act as soon as possible, so I hope that you will contact your leadership and demand immediate action. It is vital that we address this crucial issue.  Specifically, I support the comprehensive provisions in

S. 1659 / H.R. 2867, and I urge you to work toward maximum coverage, ensuring the right to vote of as many Americans as possible is protected.

As you know, as a result of the 2013 Supreme Court decision in Shelby v. Holder, there are currently no states or jurisdictions which are required to comply with the “preclearance” directive under Section 5 of the VRA.  This means that states or jurisdictions with a proven history of discrimination are able to make changes to their election laws and policies without proving to the U.S. Department of Justice or the District Court in D.C. in advance that the proposed changes will not disenfranchise racial or ethnic minority voters.

In Shelby v. Holder the Supreme Court also explicitly said that Congress could and should update Section 4(b) of the VRA, which it struck, which establishes the formula to determine which states and jurisdictions must obtain preclearance before making any changes to the time, place, or manner in which its elections are conducted.  Thus, it is now up to Congress to do the work which must be done to repair, restore and strengthen the 1965 VRA and allow it continue to protect all American voters, so we are ensured that we are able to cast a free and unfettered vote and we can be assured that our vote has been counted.

As we as a nation commemorate the 50th Anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” in Selma, Alabama and the historic enactment of the 1965 VRA, we cannot allow Congressional inaction to dismantle 50 years of progress towards a more perfect union.  Thus, I urge you again to contact your leadership and demand immediate action on the repair, restoration, and strengthening of the 1965 Voting Rights Act in light of the Supreme Court’s devastating decision in Shelby v. Holder.

I look forward to hearing from you soon to know what you are doing to move this issue along, and to also receiving your thoughts on what more I can do to precipitate action.


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