This election is about the direction of our country and the future of our Democracy. It isn't just candidates on the ballot, it's the issues they will fight for. This election is about health care, voting rights, public education, environmental protections, police reform, equal protection under the law and justice for women, immigrant communities, the LGBTQ community, and so much more.

We are fighting to revive the heart of our democracy and to ensure that every voice is heard and every vote counts. But we need your help.

Early Voting lasts until November 5th and Election Day is on November 8th. Can you help get people to the polls? 

Phone Banking

Click here to sign up to receive a list of voters to call during Early Voting. You will remind them to vote and educate them about the voting law changes that are now in affect.

Do you prefer more hands on assistance and phone banking with others? Click here to sign up for a shift of phone banking at the NC NAACP State office.

Rides to the Polls

You can become a volunteer driver for the statewide Rides to the Polls campaign. Click here to find a list of Rides to the Polls Coordinators that you can contact about joining their volunteer team.

If your county is not listed and you would like to become a Rides to the Polls Coordinator, please contact Laurel Ashton at laurel@naacpnc.org.

March to the Polls

Over 60 March to the Polls are being organized across the state to mobilize people to the polls.

Click here for a list of March to the Polls. This list is continuously updated with more events

If you would like to organize a March to the Polls in your community and receive support publicizing the event, please contact Laurel Ashton at laurel@naacpnc.org.

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