Our Demands

All political power is vested in and derived from the people; all government of right originates from the people, is founded upon their will only, and is instituted solely for the good of the whole.

--Article I, Section 2, North Carolina State Constitution

1. REVERSE your attacks on the people's voting rights. Restore our former access to Early Voting, Sunday Voting, and Same-Day Registration. Repeal the race-based redistricting maps you adopted. Repeal the 2016 law that requires all voters to have a photo ID before they can vote.

2. RECEIVE all Medicaid expansion federal funds available, to extend health care to more than 500,000 of the working poor. It is economically insane to send hard-earned tax dollars to other states rather than spending them in North Carolina to save the lives of our neighbors.

3. RAISE the minimum wage indexed to the inflation rate by putting a constitutional amendment on the 2016 ballot. Let the people of North Carolina decide.

4. REPEAL regressive taxes that hurt the working poor.

5. REINSTATE Earned Income Tax Credits and long-term unemployment benefits.

6. RESIST undermining the right of workers to collectively bargain for the fruits of their labor. Repeal the Jim Crow 95-98 Law, which makes North Carolina one of two states in the country to bar our public workers from bargaining collectively for fair wages and working conditions.

7. RESTORE cuts to public education that have negatively impacted public schools and public universities.

8. RAISE all teacher salaries; stop the gimmicks and shell games with our teachers.

9. REJECT the school vouchers—an unconstitutional drain of millions from our public schools; and invest more dollars into low-wealth school districts.

10. REJECT attacks on women’s health and environmental protections.

11. REPEAL the death penalty; RESTORE the Racial Justice Act.

12. REFORM the criminal justice system. Stop police profiling and using bogus evidence. Enforce Equal Protections under the law for African Americans, poor whites, and other minorities.

13. REALIZE just immigration reform; treat our neighbors as you would treat yourself.

14. RESPECT the constitutional rights and humanity of all people regardless of race, creed, class, gender, or sexuality.

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