Jesus Didn't Join the Tea Party, Either

Op-Ed by William J. Barber II and Timothy Tyson for The News & Observer 

On Saturday, a throng gathered at the Capitol in Raleigh for what they termed an “I Stand With God Pro-Family” rally with Republican presidential aspirant Mike Huckabee. The initial “Stand With God” event occurred in August in Columbia, South Carolina – another key political GOP battleground. In fact, much of the crowd at the Capitol traveled from South Carolina.

Brandishing Bibles, speakers claimed that the country has lost touch with biblical values and decried abortion and marriage equality for gay Americans. Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, the darling of the tea party, made the case for limited government, saying, “Government is not the solution” but nevertheless urging those who claim Christianity to “get involved with politics.” This so-called “Stand With God” makes a mockery of the Christian faith for narrow partisan purposes.

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