News on the Court of Appeals

1. Same day registration and out-of-precinct voting preserved by injunction while the case continues.

2. Voting Rights Moral Monday on June 20th at the NC General Assembly. Time TBA.

3. Oral arguments in Richmond, VA on June 21 are open to public.

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North Carolina NAACP


June 9, 2016

Contact: Tyler Swanson NC NAACP Communication Coordinator 336-317-3586
 Al McSurely, NC NAACP Communication Chair, 

North Carolina NAACP Announces Appeals Court Ruling, That Keeps Same Day Registration and Out of Precinct Voting Until the Final Decision in the Long Court Battle with Gov. McCrory and N.C. Extremists Who Tried to Suppress Minority Voting Rights.

NC NAACP Attorneys will argue before three Appeals Court Judges that the worst voter suppression law since Jim Crow, be struck down in its entirety.

Public Is Welcome to Historic Argument at 10 am on June 21, at the U.S. Court of Appeals, 1100 E. Main Street #501, Richmond VA 23219

The NC NAACP and the Forward Together Moral Movement  will hold a Voting Rights Moral Monday onJune 20th, at The NC General Assembly. The time of this event will be announced in the upcoming days.

DURHAM, NC-  Following Tuesday's important primary election for a sear on the seven- person N.C. Supreme Court, the U.S. Court of Appeals granted the request of the NC NAACP and other plaintiff's to extend the injunction maintaining two important victories of the Moral Monday Coalition-- Same Day Registration and Out- of- Precinct Voting. They make it easier for poor and working voters to vote and were used at high levels by African American and Latino voters. Gov. McCrory and the extremists in the NC Legislature struck down these measure in what most national observers call the "worst voter suppression law since Jim Crow"   

"We are pleased the Appeals Court cleared up any confusion about these two important victories. We believe many voters were told they could not register to vote during the early voting or could not vote if they showed up at the wrong precinct. You should not have to be a voting rights lawyer to vote. If you were to  ask the average voter- or in some cases, even the average elections official-- you would find that many have no idea whether same day registration or out of precinct voting is in place" said Rev. Dr. William J Barber II, President of NC NAACP. "We will continue to fight against Gov. McCrory and the other extremists in the legislature's voter suppression bill. We believe many were given misinformation about whether they could register to vote during early voting in the last primary and that voters were denied their vote because they went to the wrong precinct.

"The civil rights movement has always known that confusion and misinformation are the main tactics of the extremists. Creating intimidating voting environments are their goals. Gov. McCrory and his extremists designed their voter suppression law to cause fear for eligible voters and to deter them from fully taking part in the process of democracy"

"Voting should be fair, free and accessible," Prof. Irv Joyner, attorney for the NC NAACP, commented on the Appeals Court's ruling. "Legislatures across America should make it easier to vote. Not Harder. The right to vote is a sacred right, won with the bloodshed of the White and Black members of the United States Army during the civil war to win the right to vote for Americans of African descent. Thousands more were beaten, jailed and murdered trying to restore this right a second time, during the long dark night of the 1900's Jim Crow. We look forward to the second highest court in the land, reaffirming the right to vote of people of African descent.

The Appeals Court ordered Gov. McCrory's lawyers and the NAACP's lawyers to be ready with information at the June 21 hearing to discuss details about "implementing or dismantling" the election procedures necessary after the Court rules. The Court appears to want to avoid any confusion in implementing its order.

At the oral argument on Tuesdays, June 21, The NC NAACP will argue the entire voter suppression law of 2013 is unconstitutional and in violation of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. We believe it was passed with the race- based intentions of suppressing Blacks and Latinos. "The NC NAACP's three-year journey in the courts has raised historic questions." Rev. Barber said. "The  minute the 5-4 Shelby decision gutted the pre- clearance powers of the U. S. Justice Department in 2013 and a leading extremists blurted the truth that since the "headache" of  the Voting Rights Act was "gone" and they could throw every trick they could dream up to reduce the number of Black and Brown voters, we knew that repealing their bill was the highest priority for the Civil Rights Movement since 1960's."

"After three years of expensive and difficult struggle, with several elections held under what we believe are intentionally unconstitutional laws and rules, we believe we are getting close to a final decision." said Rev. Barber. "we are quite conscious, however, that the extremists who want to take us back to the days of Jim Crow,  do not just exist in North Carolina. The forces of hate and intolerance have been carefully nurtured by extremist, and we know our sisters and brothers across the old Jim Crow south have not been blessed with the resources and friends we have in N.C. All those who believe that unleashing the power of Black and Brown and White poor peoples' votes, need to tell Congress and the President:restore the protections of the Voting Rights Act by passing the Voting Rights Advancement Act."  

WHAT: Public Oral Arguments in NC NAACP v McCrory

WHEN: Tuesday, June 21 at 10:00 am 

WHERE:  U.S Court of Appeals
               1100 E. Main Street, #501
               Richmond Virginia 23219

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