NC NAACP Responds to Gov. McCrory Rejecting the Call for a Special Legislative Session


November 4, 2013

RALEIGH - Last week, Governor McCrory rejected the call for a special legislative session."Our moral obligation does not end when our elected officials dismiss us. Our call to justice does not stop when the Governor tells the media he's made up his mind,"said Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, NC NAACP President. "We will press on with the petition and on November 27th, after we have collected signatures of clergy and other North Carolinians of good will across the state, we will deliver the open letter."

The NC General Assembly exists in an ideological conclave that prevents them from understanding the importance of the issues. The NC NAACP is non partisan and does not have permanent friends nor enemies but only permanent interests. Access to Healthcare for All is one of those permanent interests. Healthcare has always been a crucial issue for the civil rights movement and we will not stand idly by. Another permanent interest is Economic Justice for All. Rejecting available funds for extending unemployment insurance is inexcusable.  For 100,000 families in North Carolina, including those hit by the recession, will lose their unemployment insurance the morning of January 1, 2014.  In a state with 1.6 million poor people, 600,000 of which are children, the refusal to accept already available Medicaid and unemployment benefits is a mean, anti-poor, anti-family, and anti-children position.

"This is not a matter of liberal versus conservative," said Dr. Barber, "this is a matter of life and death. It matters how we treat those who are most vulnerable among us. These issues transcend race - these issue go to the heart of how we treat poor people of all colors in our communities and in our state."  The NC NAACP and the Forward Together Moral Movement are not discouraged. We will press on in hopes that Governor McCrory's heart will no longer be hardened to the plea and the cry of North Carolinians who will suffer by the stroke of his pen. We will not let the hopes, health, and lives of hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians be crucified without dramatizing this shameful situation. 

To read and sign the Open Letter to Gov. McCrory, click HERE.

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