Moral Monday on June 9 - A Sound, Basic, Public Education for All


Sixty years after the Supreme Court ruled that segregated schools could never be equal and set a mandate for the South to provide quality education for all children, regardless of color, extremists in our General Assembly are pursuing policies that will resegregate and hobble our public schools.

Enough is enough. Join us next week at:

Moral Monday for Public Education

June 9, 2014

3 pm - Pre-Rally Meeting: Legislative Auditorium

General Assembly - Third Floor - 16 W. Jones St, Raleigh, NC

5 pm - Moral Monday Rally and Action on Halifax Mall  

Last summer, the extremists in our General Assembly attacked our teachers and public schools by drastically cutting funding and sending millions instead to unaccountable private schools through an unconstitutional voucher program.  

This summer, they are contemplating even further cuts to our public education system: eliminating teaching assistants in many classrooms, including all second and third grade classes; scuttling vital working protections for teachers; refusing to provide adequate funding for textbooks and school buses; cutting money for school nurses; and denying the reinstatement of the popular Teaching Fellows program, which attracted some of the state's brightest college students into teaching.   

We will stand up at Moral Monday on Monday, June 9 to support our teachers, our parents and children, and all who work in and love our public schools! 

During the Moral Monday rally, the Forward Together Moral Movement will make a special voter registration commitment for the summer.

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