Justice for Lennon Lacy

A 17-year old Black high school student from Bladenboro, North Carolina was found hanging from a child’s swing set in a majority-white trailer park on the morning of August 29th. Local law enforcement quickly labeled his death as a suicide but family and friends believed otherwise. The Lacy family asked the North Carolina NAACP to help them find the truth. We began our own preliminary investigation, which included hiring an expert pathologist to review the case. After the expert pathologist released a preliminary report which suggested that the basic protocol for investigating a death scene was not followed by local law enforcement and which raised many unanswered questions regarding Lennon Lacy's death, the North Carolina NAACP and the Lacy family called upon the FBI to open a federal investigation. After many Town Hall meetings, news conferences, and a community march through Bladenboro, our demand for a federal investigation was met. Lennon Lacy's death is now being investigated by the FBI as a possible lynching. 

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The Guardian - 'Was My 17 Year Old Son Lynched, in the Year 2014? The Police Still Won't Tell Me'

By Claudia Lacy, mother of Lennon Lacy

"The knock on the door came at about noon. I’d woken up feeling unwell that morning and had called the hospital where I work to say I wasn’t coming in. I was on the phone with my sister and just when the door knocked she was telling me that she’d heard a body had been found hanging in a local park. That was strange..."

CNN - 'NC Teen's Hanging Death Ruled a Suicide; Mother Says It Was a Lynching'

"Claudia Lacy says she can accept anything: even that her youngest son committed suicide -- if it's proven and explained to her.

However, she says, local and state investigators have done neither to support their theory that Lennon Lacy hanged himself one summer night..."

Katie Couric - 'UPDATE: FBI investigates hanging death of teen in North Carolina'

"While Ferguson, Mo., erupted after a grand jury failed to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, another story was playing out some 900 miles away from the cameras - and the outrage.

On the morning of Aug. 29, Lennon Lacy, a 17-year-old African-American high school football player from Bladenboro, N.C., was found dead in the open field of a mobile home park, hanging from a swing set..."

The Independent Weekly - 'Expert Challenges Investigation of Scene of Lennon Lacy's Death'

"An expert pathologist hired to review local and state authorities’ handling of Lennon Lacy’s purported suicide in August released a report Thursday, criticizing many of the actions taken by local law enforcement.

Dr. Christena Roberts, who was retained by the North Carolina NAACP at the request of Lacy’s family, met with the state’s Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Deborah Radisch, who conducted the original autopsy on the Bladenboro teenager’s body..." 

The Guardian - 'Teenager's mysterious death evokes painful imagery in North Carolina: "It's in the DNA of America"'

"Friday 29 August was a big day for Lennon Lacy. His high school football team, the West Bladen Knights, were taking on the West Columbus Vikings and Lacy, 17, was determined to make his mark. He’d been training all summer for the start of the season, running up and down the bleachers at the school stadium wearing a 65lb exercise jacket..."

Daily Kos - 'Expert Pathologist Challenges Police Handling of Lennon Lacy Hanging, Disturbing Details'

"Dr. Christena L. Roberts, an NAACP-retained expert pathologist, has released her review of the “procedures followed by local and state authorities in handling the purported ‘suicide’” of 17 year old Lennon Lacy. As has been written about here previously, Lacy was found hanging on a children’s swing set in a predominantly white rural North Carolina trailer park on August 29th..."

Fayetteville Observer - 'Our View: Answers Need in Death of Bladen County Teen'

"The State Bureau of Investigation's probe into the death of 17-year-old Lennon Lacy of Bladenboro remains an open case.

Officially, anyway. There's not much happening and without new information or outside prodding, there won't be.

"We will not close the case until (the district attorney) advises us to do so," said SBI spokeswoman Teresa West. But she says all viable leads have been addressed..."


NC NAACP Requests Federal Investigation of Teenage Hanging Death

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