It's Our Time! It's Our Vote!

We are approaching an historic election year. North Carolina has suffered from a flood of immoral and unconstitutional policies supported and passed by our Governor and General Assembly over the past four years. This extreme and regressive agenda has hurt ALL North Carolinians. They have voted to deny us healthcare, defund our schools, suppress our votes, raise taxes on the poor, deny us equal protection under the law, hurt our environment, and more. Now it is our time to vote.

If you believe that an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere; if you understand that what happens in North Carolina has implications for the future of the nation; if you are committed to building a moral movement to save the soul of our state and country, then we need you to get involved in the Forward Together Moral Movement's It's Our Time, It's Our Vote GOTV campaign.

A Get-Out-The-Vote campaign can only bring us closer to a true democracy if it is long-term, issue-based and contextualized within on-going organizing to hold elected officials accountable once they take office. In a climate of voter suppression and spreading extremist ideology, our GOTV efforts must be comprehensive and include voter education, registration, mobilization, and protection. We must build an organizing infrastructure that will last far beyond 2016.

The North Carolina NAACP is partnering with Democracy North Carolina, faith leaders, and other HKonJ Coalition partners to organize local It's Our Time Get-Out-The-Vote committees across the state and mobilize over 3,000 faith communities to participate in It's Our Time Souls to the Polls campaign.

If you as an individual, your organization, or your faith community would like to get involved in the It's Our Time, It's Our Vote campaign, please email and write "It's Our Time" in the subject line.

The 2016 Election is an important election for North Carolina. Positions up for election include:

President & Vice President of the US
Senior U.S. Senator 
All US House of Representatives 
All NC House of Representatives 
All NC Senate Members
Lieutenant Governor
Attorney General
Council of State offices including 
Secretary of State, Commissioner of Labor, Commissioner of Agriculture, etc.
At least 1 NC Supreme Court Judge
At least 4 Court of Appeals Judges
County Commissioners 
District Attorneys 
School Board Members
District & Superior Court Judges
Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor

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