Urgent! Call Tim Moore & Phil Berger

We're hearing that extremist leaders will propose at least two bills to undermine the will of the voters by moving certain powers, functions, and possibly even whole departments, under the control of their friends and out of the control of Governor-Elect Roy Cooper.

It's time again to flood the lines and make sure legislative leaders know you oppose any and all power grabs that undercut duly-elected officials. Call now:

Senate Pro Tempore Phil Berger

House Speaker Tim Moore

You can use this language from our friends at Democracy North Carolina when you call:

Many are predicting legislative leaders will use this surprise special session for devious power grabs that remove appointment powers from Governor-Elect Roy Cooper, in addition to other plots to maintain control at all levels of government. Efforts to politicize these functions and inject partisanship sends a strong message to voters like me that the system is rigged. Can I count on you to oppose any and all power grabs that undercut duly-elected officials?

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